Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12.23.09: bozhena

drinks with bozhena then drinks with benjie and victor. no wonder i was in bed by 10pm.

she parted that crowded bar and got us seats! it was all about bozhena's hat.

"you stay away from my benjie! he's mine!" "but he told me i can measure his penis!"

dear santa, you know the drill.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12.15.09: laforce james

i saw hot naked jesus at james' party and felt like praying.

stephen and i had korean lunch date. yeah, i said!

holy jesus! if i only knew jesus was a chelsea queen i would have gone to church for some camp.

some of my favorite things in this picture.... deviled eggs and james.

"don't tell mike i'm out with chicks!"

the look as a couple was so strong. hot daddies unite and take over!

i met this hot betty on 02.26.09 at after party for frick young fellows ball!

fine boys of robertburkeassociates!

"don't tell michael! i'm not fondling robert!"

what is wrong with me? i grabbed "universal remote" in public! aron would have been so proud.

"what? there's a drunk asian guy grabbing dude's penis?"

demure sluts in action. hot!

he's laying down the foundation.

"it is true! they are doing zoolander walk-off!"

sbw! shaun brought down the house like pepper labeija!

dad's reminiscing the good old days when mike was doing dirty things in the closet.

hot imported brides of asia.

i can totally picture them at "under 5'7" and taller 6'2" night at nowhere bar.

note to self: do not ask stranger eating next to you "are you gay or straight?" after saying "hello, do you come here often?"

he's guarding his cherry like fort knox.

"what you talking about hank? tomas was totally more into me! just because he's european doesn't mean he's a rice queen."

my favorite girls sophia and alice, my sister from different mother. chic chic chic!

who drinks whole milk and has slight lactose intolerance?

"are you drunk? why are you taking me out again at 11:30?"

milan walks so pretty.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12.11.09: family christmas party

camilla, hanuk & victor's christmas party at the wooly. music by mike nouveau

shannon got a new man in her life. he drives a big one!

matthew cleaned out every spring margiela shoes in the shop. didn't even get me a pair.

"yeah dude, plug that in there like how you plugged it to me last night. shh... it's our little secret."

"omg, jingling things attached to a freebie! she makes noise!"

(slow, yet hot kids are easily entertained)

easy boys, he's not gay.

"don't tell stephanie aighhhhhht! her bf is a one fine ass!"

bonnie's got her mojo back! she's got the beat!

pulp fiction dance!

"young lady, sit your ass down like a proper lady!"

"mike, i'm feeling your love! sauce is like 6 hour meatballs!"

mike played one hot sexy music that night. not a still ass at the wooly!

omg, who knew my mother's asian pink lipstick is the hottest lip color of the season?

that dude rocks!

shannon can shake her hair better than chicks at the scores!

my date is feeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it! shannon is concerned.

look who's coy.

bonnie, share that candy with the rest of the class!

"hank, is this hottie who cooks gourmet/american psycho/not gay?"

tranimal is chic chic chic!

for foreign folks, this is camilla, victor and hank. merry christmas!

"dude, hat off!"

sometimes i'm concerned...what if shannon just has lice and she's trying to shake them off? deep thoughts.

her hair's like golden shower river. luscious!

mike played songs which make ladies and me, want to take off our panties on the dance floor and act like snooki!

"you ok."

"why is this white chick shaking her hair still? she almost poked my eyes out while i was sexting someone."

"what's with all these gay/erotic/dance music?"

tyler's muy muy macho!

it's the dude again.


who let the lesbians in!

oh no she didn't! she's not giving sexy looks to my jacko! i'll cut her!

we got wing date! hot!

when did christian become a pimp?

i want to dress like him one night. 80's was good times. i was decked out in "guess paris" then.

jessica can fold napkins into animals. multi talent chick!

the ladies came! we had so much fun dancing togayther!

"what? you can't give daddy a kiss in public?" "i mean..."

"bc, let me stretch before i dance and pull muscle like hank. she's screaming 'hip replacement over here!'"

"you homos stay away from my hot boyfriend! i'll tranimal on you bitches!"

"make a note...patchwork."

between you and me, i think hot becka is not a natural blond. i am!

too many "fags."

just maya 2010!

"i'm the king of the lab!"

hot ladies of ues traveled below 14th street to dance with the sisters!

this night reminded me of good old times at the beatrice.

"hank, this music is making me feel sexy! i want to strip and seduce!"

"billy.... hehehe. take it off!"

remember chris and larry's halloween party?

is benjie falling? giving into gay temptation?

"bitch! you farted! pull my finger!"

krueger in da house! we eat a lot of wings together.

becka's not only hot but she got moves! smooooooooth!

disclaimer: i am not licking george's ear. i only did that few times to the doorman at the stud when i was a teenager trying to get in.

"omg! we went to school together!"

david has the best hair! ugh, only picture i took of cutey matthew turned out blurry. so not happy right now!

hold up! is he doing victor's new pose?

watch it mister! david's a proper lady!

"what you talking about hank? you can't afford lisa's hotness jewelry!"

hmmm... "a close business associate." fishy, very fishy! dish it out!

"when you suck it to the side like that, you don't get wrinkles around your lips." swb!

who knew, creamy middle of oreo cookie's kosher!

"wonder twin power activate!"

(my panty's off.)

what! dude from the beatrice 06.13.08!

missla must have went to shady pine's to pick up grandma to the party.

lindsay was dirty dancing with victor. it was scandalous/hot! they brought down the house!

thank you everyone for dancing your ass off with us! oy vey my hips! merry christmas and don't forget my hanuk-kah presents!