Wednesday, July 29, 2009

07.29.09: handsome mr. ang lee's “taking woodstock”

mr. lee's "taking woodstock."

genevieve is fabulous and her accessories are delicious!

if i died and gone to heaven my husband would be vito.

"you stay away from my son and emile!"

not an ounce of fat on that body. not an ounce!


byrdie is one of the most stylish betty in new york.

"oh shit, you again? who invited you to my premiere again? didn't you try to kiss me on 'lust, caution' premiere?"

"yeah bitches, you stay away from my hot homos!"

"try to kiss me, i'll punch you on da butt!" spank me?


i know it, they are totally auditioning to be the 4th fantanas! the fantanas are back!

can we talk? how hot is liev shreiber? marry me?

he's a little younger than my usual type but when i kissed him, his halo went off! it's love at first sight.

who are you? send me a message please.

Friday, July 24, 2009

07.24.09: jelena & mr. darling

lovely dinner with jelena and mr. darling. how's it going darling?

joanna! i remember her at my sister victor's first show in paris!

mr darling practices tennis in subway stations!

she cha cha chas everywhere!

um, that's my face on the table. check mr. darling out,!

mr darling doesn't understand what is so funny.

we always end up at fresh salt like donkey to carrots!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

07.21.09: 2 work meetings in 1 day?

two work meetings in one day? thank god for 2 martinis with stephen over lunch.

it's never too early for martinis (or bloody marys?)!

meeting number 2 of the day with matthew edelstein of the contributing editor! pleasant surprise seeing rebecca... love!

Monday, July 20, 2009

07.20.09: aron back from down under

g'day mate! aron back from australia because i think he missed me so much.

it's delicious time at the standard grill.

treena flickered a cigarette to an ongoing traffic! it was a show stopper. we ducked.

oh aron... move back already.

"which way is le cock?" g'night!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

07.18.09: sunshine carla in ny

sunshine carla in new york! then off i went to play a drunk asian tourist in the subway screaming "i love new york! this works every time.

dear matthew, i need every door door knobs, water faucets from that place.

it's sunshine carla back in new york for few days from paris!

she's "it's carla here" not from yohji any more but from givenchy.

we break for country support.

"oh hells no! i just mopped the floor you ass wipes!"

the interracial tourists never saw a mop squeezing thing-a-ma-jig.

"err, where's 'a' train?"

it's all about pretending (really?) to be a drunk tourist to take pictures of future husbands!

Friday, July 17, 2009

07.17.09: magnus the dj

i was really going to bed early tonight but then i would have missed all this fun.

"bitch, this ain't my mom's top!"

"i got a man!"

i can beat magnus on wet t shirt competion! my tits are bigger!

who are you? send me a message please.

"omg, this ricer has bigger tits than i do!"

"you! if you don't behave, i have to shove you in a cab again!"

it's the very exclusive four eyes club.

"how yo doin'?" my sister always trying to pick up strangers.

yeah, she has wonder woman strength!

victor's favorite local bar, fresh salt, and hottie owner!

it's horny mexican jaws! keep your hot husbands out of the water!

"want another *wink wink* glass of water?" g'night!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

07.14.09: victor & earnest sewn

victor and earnest sewn collaboration at civetta. yum and fun!
guest comments by bc.

early arrivals.

"who is this?"

"i'm sitting right here."

"where's the pico de gallo?"

"can i borrow your smokes?"



"everyone wants to kiss my ring!"

"where's lenny?"

"how old are you?"



"i'm getting laid tonight, but not by this mexican!"

"sweetie, refill but i'm barely eating!"

"i stole your shirt from your cabin. i hope you don't mind."

spicy finger bang!

"just close your eyes and sniff!"

power bangle.

the kids.

"after 3 week vogue internship, i'm hunnnnnnnnnnnngry!"


"where's lenny?"


"have you donated to my mt killimanjaro fund?"


it's betty kardashian!

wind machine! the hair is major!

the royt machine!

"leave me alone!"


"i hope i don't piss my pants!"