Thursday, April 29, 2010

04.29.10: acria

acria to prabal at saks! then off to paper party to scott campbell's after party. does amazing work! support them like matthew does.

"what? now you know where i live!"

matthew and i ran to see prabal's amazing dresses at saks for the whitney museum.

i think she wore that dress 100 times better than me! adorable!

movie star!

tyler's moustache is turning me on. moist!


peter with hottes ladies... and matthew. marry me!


"motta mellow" is such a genius name.

sweetest sam of!

valerie... on word, hot!

melissa soho house when? must be early 2000.

handsome prabal with all his girls!

i think if you combine their weight plus 100lb=my weight.

bitches! i almost wore the same shoes! we could totally be charlie's angels in python!

looking goooooood in prabal!

cutest couple! almost as cute as luke and me. shh...he doesn't know it yet.

"what hank? you like the one in the middle?"

"bitch dude, lisa might see this!"

parsons bred some wonderful designers!

if you squint, they look like brother and sisters or more like sisters!

canadians love prabal!

david's always so caring...worried that sam might fall. now, that's sisterhood.

is she double fisting?

"what! you have crush on mr. hershkovits?"

"hey david, you better watch your back! drunk rice after your handsome face!"

is it official? did bruce dumb me? i'll cut her!

i so wanted sit in the "reserved table" eating kimchee and rice.

malik is so chic! sbw!


luigi is giving me major sex!

"stay out of the lady's way okaaaaaay!"

what? did natalie dump me too? i'll cut her! call me!

cutie pie!

"just go with me! hank, see, i with a girl. don't kiss me!"

i want a tattoo that spells "mom" upside down "wow!"

as an asian person, when i say "berlin" sounds like berrin! thanks to berrin i'm rogan-ed out for summer! love!

see hot josh! she's not into it as much as i would if you did me! do me?

omg, it's rice on rice porn!

"girl, you cheating on me with tenzin? i'll cut you!"

there are girls out there with moist panties out there because of these two handsomes.

hold on.. girls and my sister.

angelo! you had me at hewo! hewo!

my face is twice as big as stephanie's.


"that hank is crazy... always goes tits up!"

"hank, have another drink!" oh josh, you know i'll show you my boobs even when i'm only 2 drinks drunk.

what? is my sister flirting with my lumberjack? i'll cut her!

good face.

something's queer in this picture like we saw jesus.

"dude, your pee pee is out!"

i cried and cried at acria until santa got me a nate lowman. so it's my nate lowman with nate lowman. hot!

who doesn't love stephanie!

i love seeing kids out...

samantha! who's the hottie?

"oh victor, if you squeeze me that tightly, i fart!"

he's totally making fun of my eyes! they are open!

beautiful kate.

we almost did it but then we realize there would be too much electricity...static cling's not very kind to my hair style.

it's like that one time at a band camp when i saw uncle paul!

she's got my back!

the best!

"hmm...i wonder how long i have to cook 12 pound turkey for."

if i married... scrap that. when i marry darrell, my initials would be "hh"!

is max not enjoying this? or is he sad because i didn't pinch his butt this time?

"bitch, where's my drink at?"

and jeffrey was my night.