Saturday, June 26, 2010

06.26.10: the hole

kathy grayson's the hole, "not quite open for business" was really something.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

06.24.10: iphone 4

treena love, school's out for summer!

there's romance in waiting.

i didn't ask his name but works at jack's, so i'll call him jack. made new friends in line.

matthew and i waited 8 hours for iphone 4 and it's worth every minute of that.

what? treena's got rice fever?

"say what? treena's got the fever!"

something about sucking beer!

"hank, if you don't behave i have to tongue kiss you again."

"no! who invited hank?"

ruffian boys are bringing sexy back...

j is hot bitch sandwiched! pimp-chic!

girl on girl's fantastic!


"maybe if i cross arms she won't come kiss me with her martini breath."

he found nemo!

mama bc loves pool.

my date is working cholo-chic!

"sister! want some taco?"

it's wear your whites to work day today.

my date sucks it so gracefully on lime?

"sweetie...these thighs! no shorts!"

"$ is in da house!"

michael and my sister tried to make that "view bar" in chelsea happen years ago. we didn't make it.

one word. everything!

"no tongue!"

what i tell you... wear your white thursday!

"it does fly!"

"she does fly then went tits up!"

"is my sister hank on the floor again? i can't!"

"baby let me bang your box!"

"what? who's watching robyn byrd?"

"god, when he sucks on that beer bottle like that, i get a boner! boink!"

he had me at hello at vladmir's party at indochine.

"doh! boink!"

i love treena!

"jazz fingers!"

"mr. sister watching. you know she gets riled at pda!"

"look! she's got her titties tattooed!"

"is treena hanging from that dude's t shirt?"

"hank, this is more comfortable than water bed!"

school's out for summer!

"hey sailor... do you come here often?"

she totally boob glazed me!

"ooh, la la!"

"i can't... that bitch waits in line for 8 hours for an iphone, slept 2 hours and onto her 7 martinis!"

"dude, i took my jacket off. wanna tongue kiss?" "nooooooooooooooo! yes?"

sexy back!

tom ford who? here come j!

mr roper is like a hot teddy bear i'll wear my teddy to seduce him for.

sisters love treena!

oh my god.... we were in a lesbian bar? cubbyhole?

trust...there was no clam chowder!

carole bouquet!

i like flavor saver.

"if my sister doesn't want you to tongue kiss her, you can totally do me big boy!" gay!

what? ryan mcginley doppelganger was there?

"it's true! her kiss is so magically spicy!"

"i'll drink to that byotch!"

"why can't this homo leave me alone? i let her in once... just once!"

"dude, unlike treena, i got no rice fever. i got carb fever!"

"save me julia. hide me from that drunk rice!"


"oooooh, i've fallen and i can't get up yo!"

we break for ladies. word. everything!

"he does smell like kimchee."

"ahhhh! we got caught kissing!" dude!

"oh no.... he saw my boner!"

"do i have a back pack shaped like fat asian lady?"

ta daaaaaaa! school's out for summer!