Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12.15.09: laforce james

i saw hot naked jesus at james' party and felt like praying.

stephen and i had korean lunch date. yeah, i said it....date!

holy jesus! if i only knew jesus was a chelsea queen i would have gone to church for some camp.

some of my favorite things in this picture.... deviled eggs and james.

"don't tell mike i'm out with chicks!"

the look as a couple was so strong. hot daddies unite and take over!

i met this hot betty on 02.26.09 at after party for frick young fellows ball!

fine boys of robertburkeassociates!

"don't tell michael! i'm not fondling robert!"

what is wrong with me? i grabbed "universal remote" in public! aron would have been so proud.

"what? there's a drunk asian guy grabbing dude's penis?"

demure sluts in action. hot!

he's laying down the foundation.

"it is true! they are doing zoolander walk-off!"

sbw! shaun brought down the house like pepper labeija!

dad's reminiscing the good old days when mike was doing dirty things in the closet.

hot imported brides of asia.

i can totally picture them at "under 5'7" and taller 6'2" night at nowhere bar.

note to self: do not ask stranger eating next to you "are you gay or straight?" after saying "hello, do you come here often?"

he's guarding his cherry like fort knox.

"what you talking about hank? tomas was totally more into me! just because he's european doesn't mean he's a rice queen."

my favorite girls sophia and alice, my sister from different mother. chic chic chic!

who drinks whole milk and has slight lactose intolerance?

"are you drunk? why are you taking me out again at 11:30?"

milan walks so pretty.

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