Tuesday, July 20, 2010

07.20.10: alex/supper

young at heart, always. happy birthday alex!

everybody's a princess on his birthday.

we can synchronize chucking wine.

awe... love on birthday eve.

gasp, i'm kissing a brunette! a hot val one!

"bitch, thank god you are not sitting next to me... drunk!"

fierce july creatures!

alex duck!

something about a surf t shirt at a birthday dinner... moist!

handsome couple!

what? i'm cheating on meredith? but i think this one's name is meredith too! i have "meredith" fetish! i'm a lesbian!

i miss paris.

again... i miss paris.

rareness! we share the same ring size.

remember them? josephine yes, richard here!

"marybeth... i know you are worried about my sister not eating but why did you invite her here?"

bitches... i'm the first of richard phillips autograph on arm club!

then it was unstoppable!

everyone wanted a piece of richard.

oh gorgeous josephine... thank god, otherwise, i, we almost got tattooed!

i had to remind him, i was #1!

"hold up bitches, is that a sharpie? that might clash with my jabobs tomorrow!"

you see, marybeth is #4! i'm the mary! i am/was #1!

you can tell how amazing a woman is by how she writes... and josephine writes like butter.

hold up! she wrote on hunter but not me? maybe because my arm's too fat. i'm not very organic but kfc.

shh... alex has his reading glasses on.... this means business.

it's off like bra and anything goes!

"dude, don't try to grope my tits. they are 36d"

"opa! (is that what greeks say?)"

irene.... that's "i lean" in korean.

gorgeous couple. maybe if i remove that 1 wisdom tooth i got, i'll find one.

counting money in front of poor people... handsome couple just keep on counting money in front of poor single me.

"what you talking about willis?"

"see, i got josephine and you didn't."

napkin and water.

happy birthday alex! thank you for letting me be young at heart! that's love.

watch out.... that dude with glasses has same wedding ring size as i do. would you? i do!

happy birthday alex!


"come on! blow gabriel, blow!"

"victor, what were you doing while i was blowing candles? did you cut cheese?"

"and presenting... snuggie! it's better than fendi!"

"gasp, it's like chinchilla fiber glass warmness with sleeves!"

tongue eating cake means seduction in korea... (i'm making this crap up.)

¡no más de cuadros!

awe... marybeth is gorgeous~ gorgeous!

"come here dude.. don't be gay!"

tada! everybody's gay!

"hank, no picture while i'm eating the cake!"

when someone spit grooms you, that's love.

aha, it's a beautiful world i see. (i'm listening to a song...sometimes i just write what i hear)

hey, blond betty needs a lie down!

this is how we'll never age... kiss and kiss after kiss.

"see, your ring fits me like handsome glove!"


"give it back bitch! you got 1 wisdom tooth. we can't be married 'til that is gone!"

alex is in shock that someone would be so cruel to take back a silver ring from st. marks place.

"hank, if you want i will slap his ass!"

"aha! you're still single!"

amazing that i met a man with the same ring size, he gave and then he took it from me, bitch.

then a kiss made it all better.

good night handsome!

good night josephine!

good night richard!

one day we'll get tattoos.


young kids... bitches, we are young at hearts!

happy birthday alex!

good night alex (chain not included).