Friday, July 23, 2010

07.21.10: hamilton 1883 shoot, refinery 29

drinks after hamilton 1883 shoot to "happy 5 year anniversary refinery 29" to one more drink with hot skinny people.

bad boy brian.

gail, naughty love and thank you for feeding me brownie!

asian poses at after drink for hamilton 1883 shoot!

what? i knew it! chris is so doing asian pose!

excuse me asian pose lauren... why am i not nowness?

sexy, foxy serena!

happy 5 year anniversary german hotness and piera!

too skinny! manorexic! jealous! word, love!

so hot, even picture can't take it!

gigi jumps!

hotness sexy, where's my shirt?

"omg, this asian dude looks hungry... i'm not kalbi!"

refinery 29!

"you want to eat my johnny don't you?" boing hotness, soon to be married!

and you wonder why i throw up after 7 martinis? all me friends are skiiiiiiiiiiny and hot!

good night ivan!