Sunday, April 18, 2010

04.18.10: junhee

happy birthday junhee! then to blaue gans again?!

see, we are sisters... kettle martini straight up with twist no vermouth.

happy birthday junhee! what a fun day!

for sure i thought he was packing a large austrian sausage., he's american.

he was playing with his ipad! i wish he was playing with me...another hottie lawyer at blaue gans.

she knew everything about technology unlike my sister victor.

sweeties... the suede is out and bc can't stop herself from touching it!

no, she did not run away from the elderly home!

even the trash bags are doing it.

omg, it's an orgy!

even recycled boxes are doing it? it must be spring.


where junhee and i started the day... yum!

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