Saturday, April 24, 2010

04.24.10: barbra streisand and my birthday

thank you prabal, my date damien, krueger, antonio and matthew for making this birthday the best! also friends along the day and all my facebook friends... you girls rock!

i woke up to this possibly the most beautiful day you'll ever see in new york city.

she's tweeting about how i don't look a day older than 49.

the breakfast for champions... hey, where's my bloody mary?

nicole and her man... quite possibly the cutest in the world!

i correct myself... the handsomest!

"didi, blow the candle while i take this picture to tweet about it! hello?"

one thing i do so well...blowing. wait, i can drape too bitches!

barney when he was a model.

katie's not only talented but also stunning!

she moved to west village and now she thinks she's homo bradshaw.

i love you girls for making this old fart smell so fresh and happy!

handsome billy... don't be a hero! just be my hero? kiss me, i'm irish and it's my birthday!

the new hbo series... "homos in da city!"

come on... i can't be the only one who can't pronounce "synogague."

hands off homos... tommy's not only straight, but he's straight to me! what the... i'm half rice queen?

"hello my darling hello my baby..." if she keeps this up, i told her she might not get laid tonight.

"am i purdy?" the lady who was trying to sell that wasn't very amused. we were though... because we rocked it.

julia... one word... LOVE!

julia's husband is so hot they have a street named after him in new yawk city... howard!

no, don't even try... you can't pull it off like my hot lover mike. sometimes i think it feels odd when pete watches us doing the nasty.

quick drink at our magician where shrek was there too.

bottom' up as my tits up!

matthew and i at our favorite japanese place and the best waitress!

joe zeeing me! hot.

is bruce cheating on me with joe? i'll cut her!


what the! if my sister didn't give me the most beautiful jacket for my birthday today, i would have cut her for trying to seduce bruce! cut!

yes ladies, they are single. hot!

lester's my cherry!

lady fag is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-ing!

bruce's fagstrogen level was very high... everyone wants a piece of bruce!

lady fag said... "shots for the birthday girl!" yes?

"girl..... really? you can handle 12?" inches!

he had me at hewo! hewo! marry me!

i think armpits are gate way to losing virginity and hell/happy! hewo!

one word to my friends... "thank you!" i'm not only older but can't count words.. obviously!

"date, if you cock block me so i go to bed with blue balls and 2 slices of pizza... i'll cut you!"

so, i heard they cloned bruce! he's got a twin.... swoon!

"oh crap! that bitch is cray cray! she went tits up on her birthday! swing at the eagle!"

i read it in the subway... please report all unclaimed package and i'm not talking "package" as in ollie's inappropriate bulge! slap me!

thank you everybody and lady fag for this much love!

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