Wednesday, April 14, 2010

04.14.10: loomstate earth day

loomstate celebrates the 40th anniversary of earth day with 40 drummers.

"dear god, don't let hanuk pass out at our party tonight." "i'll drink to that scott!"

"ask me what time it is? it's hammer time!"

omg, i met hisham at sebastian's bachelor party. i swear he asked, "are those yohji?" my sister and i thought for sure she was a homo.

making seduction faces! what you talking about willis?

at thomas dozol opening i saw balls.

lots of drums.... drumsticks... i want hot wings now!

it was packed with hot ladies.

as i said before... it was packed with hot ladies.

why am i always in love with the drummers? i think because drumsticks look like really big chopsticks.

josh might be the handsome-est dresser!

julie's giving me sexy dress!

scott: "julie, could i borrow that dress later? i got a hot date!"

"sir, you can tickle my beard all you want but i can't kiss you now. hanuk's watching!"

"dude, skateboarding is for life!"

cute, right?

yeah yeah yeah alec, skye's a babe!

i can't say this enough... he tried to tongue kiss me!

who is this man and why am i drawn to his german glasses?

like you wouldn't stalk him?

i really just wanted to play with his hair all night.

"dude, we said no smiling! you can't hang with us if you smile!"

"yeah bitch, my camera is bigger than yours!" "it's not the size that matters!" (who am i kidding with.... i'm a size queen.)

he's bringing sexy backpack back!

soho house!

"why am i holding your drink?"

who are you? send me a message please.

what? did my sister victor perform some hatian voodoo?


"yeah bitch! i'm cheating on you with alec!" i'll cut johnny!

pretty aya is napping standing up.

still sleeping... don't wake her up! 5 more minutes.

"oh good, my penis is still there."

smiling people make my day.

it's so unfair... how come i don't have cool hair like that?

good looking lady!

what? i kissed a girl?

i know, sometimes i go lesbo for becka.

kyle's resting now.. waiting 'til you see him raise the roof!

"dude, you are not trying to catch me trying to tongue kiss you again!"

"hmm... i thought hanuk was lesbo for me tonight. that bitch's a kissing slut!"

"excuse me... my eyes are up here."

"i can't hear you."

really big chopsticks. who's in mood for chinese?

it was really amazing... rogan was right, they almost blew my pants off.

i went tits up!

good units was packed!

what a great sweater!

they are still going strong.


for sure i thought he was a homo. my gaydar's like yugo, a lemon.

"yup, your lady part is still there!"

who are you? send me a message please.

is it just me or does beer look like pee?

what? when did i get to eagle's? it's bear daddy night?

he's totally seducing me! marry me?

"i really don't enjoy you kissing me this much! kiss me again?"

"what? that slut kissed you too?"

*make fart noise here, would be so funny!

how do we know there were really 40 drummers and not 41?


"what the? is hanuk kissing some other dude?"

if this is not love...

don't fight it byotch, just go with the flow! love me?

"that bitch came out of nowhere and kissed me! she's like an asian cougar or silent fart!"

"i'm scared... i heard that crazy drunk asian guy is here."

"maybe if i hide my eyes he won't see me."

where do you get those glasses? my sister antonio will kill for those.

where was angela?

i almost did that eye make tonight too!

what? colt 45?


"no, you may not touch my hair."

that t shirt is like mullet! business tie and party swirled in one!

"i'm getting lucky!"


i'm still trying to count the drummers...not easy after 6 vodka on the rocks.

i'm gonna try really hard to fart!

"dude cut the cheese!"


what? they had gays there?

wait, i own that face!

"don't cry... you're the mary!"

go white boy! go white boy! raise the roof!

"that white boy can dance!"

"see, i got five fingers."

"hmm...i wonder if this hottie will sleep with me tonight."

"no means yes?"

drink no evil?

"dude, someone cut the cheese, right?"


guys and penises...

smell my finger!

"i got love(d)!"

i got love(d) too!

"bitch! i told her i'm wearing my hair like this tonight!"

frozen tongue stuck!

"nooooooooo! give me the film! give me the film!"

kiss got nothing on this guy's tongue!

i just want to grab that smile and kiss it!

"dear god, why am i so cool tonight?"

it's a wrap! happy earth day, mother! good night!

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