Friday, April 23, 2010

04.23.10: joe allen

the night before my birthday... luke!

ahh, when i miss paris, i make matthew take me to joe allen's.

no joke, the hostess asked us, "are you with the tang party?"

how sweet to bring me crazy flavor from wogie's!

my date said... "no mo vodka straight!"

then krueger showed us a magic trick and made that chair disappear! it's like japanese ping pong vagina trick.... watch out!

we break for photo op.

likely her tits are bigger than yours and you may not touch them like i can. calling tokyo!

i love you krueger!

yeah, you are looking at him, i'm looking at the liquor. liquor? i don't even know her!

beauty shot.

i got pregnant just by looking at them and white slab.

what? rice and white couple?

gasp and luke called.... "come meet me at the boom boom room!" and you know, i would only run to see the hottest straight boy on earth there.

thank my date for almost witnessing as i was denied entrance there by this white bitch though i told her, "it's not only my birthday but a hottest straight boy is waiting for me" and some big black bouncer pushed me almost knocking me down. fuck off boom boom room! dead to me. yeah, that really make me sound like a fat loser. don't care. and sorry joey... for that cracked out message!

then luke made it all better. thank you birthday fairy godmother and happy earth day (is it?)! go green!

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