Thursday, July 9, 2009

07.09.09: staerk signature

my sister camilla's "staerk signature." fabulous!

"is she drinking vodka? who gave my sister hanuk vodka!"

"i promise vito, i'm not taking picture... treena won't find out about us. bromance!"

kids with black clothes are just so cool. poor mr. roper.

"rebecca, mexican japanese tourist behind you!"

what the... gal-mance?

you have to be gorgeously tan to hang with this crowd.

"what you talking about willis? you're yellow."

prabalina, pet shop boys called. they want the hat back.

"oh no, you just did not feel me up and didn't pay 2 dollars!"

"oh! got caught eating!"

cory is just so happy like christmas morning boner. boing!

fabulous! my sister camilla's signature is all the rage!

excuse me, who's the hottie?

fierce! sacha! see, cool kids still smoke.

"i mean it, i can count up to five!"

what the! is this bromance? or gal-mance? hot!

can you spot camilla?

we left the house during the day to support the family. sun light! vampires!

"oh bitch, this kimchee shit is spicy going down! tomorrow will be nightmare coming out!"

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