Monday, July 13, 2009

07.12.09: proenza schouler curates a magazine

jack and lazaro curates a magazine and it was hottie packed!

nice! artsy.

who doesn't want to kiss maria? wait, i want a kiss from lazaro too, no jack. no lazaro! both?

stephanie is fabulous and the other betty draws bunnies... really well! lovely.

"sylvie hold me! why did you invite hanuk? he's going to drink your vodka dry."

foxy lady! we met at lauren's wedding in cartagena: look for "fantastic!"

what the hell did i do again to make ladies and derek coyly smirk. "what? this is vodka and not water?"

i confused him with 2 other guys. try to cover my ass and he didn't fall for it.

gucci gucci gucci!

this guy is fabulous! magnus you are too. muy muy macho!

i mean, i must be totally in girly love with bonnie! it's the stripes.

can we talk? if that was my daddy... wait, i better not finish that thought. gross!

justinian too? is this colombia reunion?

did kate skin a zebra to make those tights? i'm calling aspca!

the hottie(s)! who are you(se)? send me a message please.

"shh.... our secret love affair is safe with me."

what the! or kids write these days, "omfg!"

"lazaro, yesterday i swear it's this drunk asian guy not even at 5pm asked me where ac or e train was. i held onto my purse."

believe it or not, we've been doing this since 2004!

love fabiola!

some say my kiss is magical. can't you tell by mama bowles' expression?

who are you? send me a message please.

"hanuk really? it was your kimchee breath!"

what? is bonnie cheating on me with darrell? wait, what? is darrell cheating on me? i must cut someone!

if i wore horizontal stripes, i would look like ham.

someone fell behind them while this picture was being taken.

photographers no likey pictures.

oh caroline!

i came home expecting to find penis butter and jelly sandwish! but no. g'night!

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