Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07.08.09: barbara's birthday

what a beautiful day! happy birthday dear barbara!

glorious, i tell you.. glorious!

finally...i have two moms!

"yeah, i'm in that lesbian building. smells like oil."

happy birthday barbie! loves you thhhhhhhhhhhis much! my iphone 3gs is blazing fast!

"it's all about the girth... and i tell you it was."

i don't know these people so i shouldn't write something queer just in case they know hotties for me.

"gasp, is she drinking water or vodka?"

"barbara, i told you not to invite this one... what? she drank the whole magnum kettle?"

"you people leave my hanuk alone! he's detoxing with vodka!"

"one day bitches, you might get a ring like this too." (the gays drool)

"i know you want more meat on the stick!"

i know, he looks very shocked in this picture but 2 seconds later he waved hi and jumped out (well, maybe "ran" is more like it) of the train. i mean, empty train at 9pm, just us, i say it was fate! marry me? i'll wait for you!

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