Saturday, July 4, 2009

07.04.09: world-famous kobayashi

what is 4th of july without hotdogs, world famous kobayashi, mom, die hard asian fans and my sister camilla try to blend in with her kabuki make up?

ahhh, fourth of july... red, white and asians?

"oh shit, my mom doing some whacky hammer trick in public again."

"who's the prettiest of them all?!"

"ok, i think hanuk didn't see me here. camilla, hide me from your sister. she's scary crazy drunk."

"yeah, bitches, flag is the best bandana-chic! bigger the better, tighter the sweater!"

happy 4th of july! what was 4th of july again? i passed my u.s. citizenship test few years ago and forgot everything i crash coursed.

i tell you all, mr. roper is getting too skiiiiiiiny! chinese anyone?

action shot. if this was porn performed, you have to pay little extra for action shots. "come again?"

between you and me, he ate like zillion hotdogs. i'm sure he can eat me in one bite and you know how fat i am. moo! moo!

"what a 4th of july... surrounded by bunch of ricers!"

"hanuk, don't try to compete with my mom's hammer trick with your ping pong trick. that's so tired. we all saw it!"

girls get so happy like labradors when streets are empty. just don't head towards the cars! they hurt, head bump!

good night from prabalina and her didi eating kimchee at eleven! shart! g'night!

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