Tuesday, July 14, 2009

07.14.09: victor & earnest sewn

victor and earnest sewn collaboration at civetta. yum and fun!
guest comments by bc.

early arrivals.

"who is this?"

"i'm sitting right here."

"where's the pico de gallo?"

"can i borrow your smokes?"



"everyone wants to kiss my ring!"

"where's lenny?"

"how old are you?"



"i'm getting laid tonight, but not by this mexican!"

"sweetie, refill but i'm barely eating!"

"i stole your shirt from your cabin. i hope you don't mind."

spicy finger bang!

"just close your eyes and sniff!"

power bangle.

the kids.

"after 3 week vogue internship, i'm hunnnnnnnnnnnngry!"


"where's lenny?"


"have you donated to my mt killimanjaro fund?"


it's betty kardashian!

wind machine! the hair is major!

the royt machine!

"leave me alone!"


"i hope i don't piss my pants!"

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