Thursday, June 17, 2010

06.17.10: richard

richard's drawings at mr. bartlett's store to shaun's first levi's party to mandy's dinner corinna threw at patrick's beautiful b.e.s. restaurant.

the chic four eye club!

robert's show this friday!

i want one of richard's drawings. santa?

michael's giving me sexy look.

it's mr. bartlett's store with adorable rafe!

then we went to shaun's first levi's party for docker's!

the ladies came out to support and for liquor. liquor, i don't even know her!

bravo shaun! what a fun party filled with hotties in khakis!

"it smells like thai food in here. have you guys been fucking?" from jennifer's body.

then to patrick's beautiful and smelled like heaven b.e.s. restaurant in chelsea!

majorly decorated with arts!

love love love! mandy, mark and corinna!

perverts! that's not a glory hole! there's something secret there you must go see.

my tits!

patrick said, "what's more appropriate than a naked madonna in the bathroom?"

what? i'm white?

muy muy handsome peter and gorgeous eugenia!

meow mandy! i have the cutest picture of mandy!

what? why doesn't peter kiss me like that? where's topper?

did peter start painting? last pair in new york city!


what? i'm back at the place where it smells like sex?

"i'm pretending i'm on the phone so my date doesn't bother me."

then bumped into blond casey her husband and a french hunk?

"where da hunk? i'm the hunk!"

martin's confused because we went to a non asian restaurant at midnight!

just in case some of you leave something in your you know the number! good night!

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