Wednesday, June 9, 2010

06.09.10: mcdonald

sally, prabal and jason fun day.

that's right.... "p"rabal "g"urung is fierce!

have you met jason? his last name is mcdonald. he makes me hungry for big mac and salt lick.

it's always so much fun to watch pictures made.

"dude, don't tease the homo with a stick!"

"didi, behave!"

his name is "kirin!" if my name was beer, i would have so many pick up lines. smoooooth!

"is she doing the chicken?"

"you are a fiery chicken! give me chicken! teacup chicken! sexy chicken!"


hair & make up is never done. that's why bitches better start using aquanet again.

"why is that asian homo keep on staring at me? kinda creepy yet i got a boner. i got a boner?"

"give me wonder woman chicken! lobster claw chicken!"

jason said i can lick him after 3pm when he's sweaty like mcdonald fries. delicious?

"did you tell hank to behave and don't freak out boys again?"

why can't i do hair?

he farted and retoucher came out!

"what you talking about willis? speak chicken!"

a lot goes into a photo shoot! i better stick with party pictures where vodka is flowing.

jason, sally and prabal fun day!

"did just hear me fart?"

"do you think she's doing chicken right?"

jason's like 7 feet tall and reminds me of nikola who's also like 7 feet tall.

why is this gangsta seducing me?

where's the model gone?

squeeeeeeeeeze her like a chicken!

what a fun day! thank you prabal, salsa and handsome jason for having me over and letting me eat all your food and stalk hotties like chicken!


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