Monday, June 21, 2010

06.21.10: sebastian's alibi coast

sebastian's record release party for alibi coast at robert goff gallery.

isca's beautiful paintings go well with sebastian's handsome guitar.

these ladies get more beautiful every time i see them and skinnier.

sebastian's paintings are have to see them up close to realize they are collaged!

what? holy karin! something fish going on between timothy and my sister?

"yes, i am very handsome." email me!

sebastian emailed me a song called "NLTLOY F 1.0" which is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. blew my bras off!

ev has this wonderful speaking voice which you just want to bottle in a seashell.

i love lily and her movie "adelaide" with anna margaret! it's genius!

"did sebastian ever paint you darling? because i'm in here." bitch.


"bye old gays!" we love you sebastian!

"oh my god, hank is here, i better avoid eye contact. she wants me."

you can read more about sebastian and his "alibi coast" on nowness and watch the video by ev!

maybe if i lose 20 pounds timothy will take my portrait again. good night sebastian and congratulations on your record release! bravo!

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