Monday, June 7, 2010

06.07.10: cfda awards

the cfda awards. what do young kinds call it? "epic!"

virginia pratically raised victor. wait, but aren't they same age?

two of the sweetest people around.

he's bringing high waisted pants back! chic!

pretty in plumes.

mom and dad got me booze!


i wish i was this gorgeous.

eddie had brooke brother's boy's jacket. kind of kinky.

so i heard she layered many socks because she was too skinny. i wish i had that problem.

i was not only drawn to her but her nephew's (?) hair is golden!

handsome altuzarra me!

i like seeing these two. they have as much fun as i do. we crazy.

power rice!

handsome leone.

coy robert?

glendaaaaaaaaaa in da house!

sylvie's a timeless beauty.

watch out snooki here comes nadja!

handsome couple.

when i marry rod, she'll be my sister in law.

doori totally is ready to cut me...because i think she knows i got hots for her man.

hannah shooting it gracefully.

isabella rosellini with dad? where's my double vodka on the rocks?

yeah, that's my arm. i'm skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny.

i thought i was going to wear that dress!

ed! money shot!

"kiss me...i'm irish."

"is there something on my back?"

things kids do in the bathroom. cute!

simon's not shy about pictures in the bathroom. you go girl!

i'm sure jamie ran out of there thinking he mysteriously was transported to the gay bathroom.


i had to pee so badly but because of her encouragement, i held it.

what? i'm sitting with ralph lauren good looking people! i pointed at my pants and said, "purple label!"

marry me?

"hmmm.... i'm not buying what you're selling."


i wish i had something bling bling from love and borgo...


my favorite gals at the ball.

lyle needs a drink now! off duty.

oh my god. handsome!

i'm with the cool kids now.

ruth! without her, fashion week will be chaotic.

poker face! i asked mr. lindeberg, "where's max?" i think he ran off to germany to escape my kisses.

"so you told dirk you thought he was hot?"

oh my god. nosebleed! hotness pask brothers!

"be a man, grab her ass!"

i wish i pask sandwiched!

"say what?"

wonder twin activate!

when did i reach china?

why is keith seducing me with food? mommy.... do me!


obsessed with him! cover me in sable!

is yigal seducing me with food too? i'm trying to lose 30 pounds!

beautiful dree.

gorgeous as a painting.

who are you? send me a message please.

my heart still stop when i see him.

jeff koons?

prabal looked so handsome. normally i'll say prabalina looked really pretty, but tonight he really looked so handsome!

did you see? i was wearing lisa salzer all night! so nice!

we break for hot waiter.

"crap! your sister hank is here! booze up! numbs the pain!"

"this dude's so hot... i think i just might have to kiss him."

my god, she did it!

you think this was grown up table... they are crazier than teenagers!

see! fun-land!

marybeth got boos!

i'm back at prabal's table and her gorgeous lady friends.


we love prabal! p.s. i bought more noodles if you need it late at night neighbor.

i like his awkwardness. something very seductive about that. like "don't! stop! don't stop!"

what the?

mother, can i play with danger when i'm drunk?


who are you? send me a message please.

who are you? really, send me a message please.

the night of the gorgeous redheads.

something awkward, yet hot about mark too like sexy margiela dress.


"no! don't slap my face! it's the money maker!"

his crazy afro is genial!

look at this face! and not to mention sweet like cotton candy. do me! omg, tj will cut me!

fat person like me should tuck in shirt... accentuate the belly! chic.


when did casey go blond? i wonder if she has more fun. get it? blonds have more fun? i'm going to facebook message her now.

oh souri! my younger korean kimchee sista.

my date's so fashion gangsta or maybe she got carpal tunnel.

mr modien's "no picture" wall fell! it's all love from now on.

is it me or you can totally picture pierre yelling at you like dad?

she's got good smile.

cutie pie sandwich!

everybody loves some wang!

puffy cloud chic.

mr. roper, no!

my beautiful sister camilla... did you see barney flipped me a bird!

i almost wore that pink dress.

air kiss done right.

"is that hank in leaked bedroom candid porn? i'm blinded!"

wonder woman linda.

"mr. roper, we can't kiss right now... my sister's watching me."

love is in the air.

hey, where was treena?

i might have little crush on linda. because she puts "f" in fun!

are they dating?

"hmm... if he's not your boyfriend, why he be man-handling you?"

the gorgeous maria and bibi.

dinner date with roopal is heaven.


"hank, not now! my boyfriend is watching."

"hank, behave! nadja is swarovski!"

thank you meredith! i needed some human action.... i go lesbo for meredith!

"is my sister kissing meredith again?"

so embarrassing... what's wrong with me? i told dirk, "you are so hot."

is bonnie doing victor's new pose? or did victor copy bonnie's hotness pose?

"hmm... why can't hank just leave us alone?"

aubergine lanphear!


steven is kind of baldwin.

why does he break my heart every time i see him? i'm not fat, i'm pregnant!

i swear, i think joe has more hot boys around him than anyone i know.

"hank, see, i'm with jenny. and that doesn't mean i got rice fever."

"hmm... stay away from jack you crazy bathroom stalker hank!"

one word. ladyfag.

i wanted to reach in and tongue kiss peter. so wrong yet so right!

"raise your hand, if you're sure!"

we still got secret meeting to plan.

my t.t. terrible top.

foxy ladies galore!

boyfriend love is in for 2010! hotness! good night!

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