Wednesday, June 2, 2010

06.02.10: coach

coach dinner at tipsy parson then off with kristian to a place where i almost fell in love again.






her vintage chanel was everything.

kristian can totally cheat on me as long as he holds my hand. swoon!

old school! genius.

michael, the best host, knew i needed to be sedated with double vodka on the rocks.

he forgot to put on his kiehl's this morning. i read it on facebook.

"haha, you can't kiss me from there hank."

what? my date brought another date? i'll cut his taco off!

oh my god, what was i doing in the bathroom with josh? naughty girls need love too!

mickey was my rock that evening.

who is this handsome and why is he not married to me?

when did mama brian become pimp daddy specializing in ethnic flavors?

"i only do blonds!"

i break for animals.

miguelina is describing her feeling about oil spill.


"what? dude asked if he can have a drag and the bitch is finishing my cigarette?"

"where's my penis?"

"who needs a penis when you have a bicycle! woo hoo!"

"stay away from our corner byotch! you have to be hot and drive a bmw to hang here."

she had me at artichoke dip! hewo!

"date, am i pretty? don't leave me."

kristian's max had me at hewo!

i'm going to marry him in 16 years! save the date! don't tell johnny though...he'll cut me!

moist! love!

marlton house!

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