Tuesday, August 4, 2009

08.04.09: taco tuesday

fine kcd folks bartending at taco tuesday! then clearly i was crazy enough to go to beige where i feel my age. why? i blame martin the magician.

something beautiful about a marble sew.

martin was feeling magic.

"rachna girl, you got some fine boobs there!"

"oh yeah, i cornered the chick!" "mommy, save me!"

"one of your friend try to seduce me or eat me. i couldn't tell."

"this half asian bitch took my chick!"

"modern furnitures disappear!"

good god, he's 12 and i'm what? how old am i? why am i at a place where you feel your age and they call you "sir" sometimes "ma'am."

"the next time you say forever, i'll punch you in your face."

g'night glow sticks. very large glow sticks!

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