Thursday, August 27, 2009

08.27.09: jack

jack, marry me?

isn't jason frank rothenberg the cutest bunny on earth? meow!

"that's really interesting that hanuk's fart smells like chanel number 5."

"read my palm bitch!"

he looked right at me. i wanted him to spank me and spank me some more because naughty girl needs love too.

automatic slims not only has best happy hour but hottest boys! but there's less than like .26% chance that they are homos.

what? i died and gone to heaven?

what? i died and gone to balenciaga?

i know where you live now larry! larry seinfeld! "no more soup for you!"

awkward yet strangely turned on.

are you dying of jealousy that jack cooked dinner for us?

i mean, i can barely make instant noodle. where did a hot straight construction man learned to cook like this? sometimes i wish i just got pregnant by jack. no....most of the times.

and he stirs too! (and blogs!)

omg... omg... omg. just cook me like that fish! batter me up buttercup!

"hanuk, you sexting me while mike is right in front of me is awkward. he can see that i'm clearly getting a boner."

"hanuk, do that ping pong trick now!"

if you looked at this picture, you owe me a drink! my blood pressure! my nose is bleeding!


rule #875, do not have crush on a man who's dating someone. rule #98, do not have crushes on straight boys. rule #99, who are you kidding with, delete rule #98. but please note rule #1, unless his name is jack.

it's last supper! mama brian's jesus?

jazz fingers! and wet!

don't you judge my sister! we're old and we need a disco nap!

is dima using something called "compact disc?"

"i got a boner!" boink! (obviously my fagstrogen level was high tonight.)

"do you smell chanel number 5? i think hanuk cut the cheese again."

"hmm.... this ain't so bad. wait, hanuk's not a chick?"

"no she didn't! she tried to what to what?"

most adorable claire yet cluelessly lusting after a homo?

"no lip kiss for you! you lady imposter!" "but i farted chanel for you!"


this guy was like a giant rice.

around 2am i ran to apple store to get snow leopard!

and peed a little because i got too excited. what? i'm a cocker spaniel?

thank you jack for delicious homo-cooked (wishful thinking... i'm 'secreting' it!) dinner and handsome surprises! marry me and don't forget our 2 year anniversary is coming up!

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