Tuesday, August 25, 2009

08.25.09: indigo, cooper, stinky and more

all dogs go to heaven because they have to endure alcoholic gays and cargo shorts.

indigo: "why do gays smell like liquor and it's still sunny out? who's this grandma?"

indigo: "no more gays! no more cargo shorts and wife beaters! no more dudes in their 40's dressed in a & f! no more chelsea! bali, here i come!"

cooper: "did someone say ball? where's the ball? where's the ball?"

jade fox and her trunks are off to bali!

stinky: "good god, why do gays smell like liquor? just focus on something else. look up! look at the moon. the moon."

"hanuk, this dog is stinky. maybe we can't eat this one."

"don't you dare go near my stinky you korean dog eater!"

shannon: "hmm... stinky will be mighty tasty with kimchee and rice. wtf, i'm not even korean!"

camilla: "stinky is carb free righhhhhhht?"

brian: "when did stinky become a woman?"

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