Monday, August 24, 2009

08.24.09: gaby in new york with mymu

gaby's mymu espadrilles are divine like fresh, hot and delicious boys on ues! my sister victor and i are moving to ues.

the colors are edible eye candy like summer clouds in paris! you must buy at least 2 pairs of gaby's mymu espadrilles because flip flops are just a flop in summer!

anything comes in turquoise doesn't have calories.

see, joanne is skiiiiiiiiiiiny! no calories in turquoise! oh gaby, we just love her!

we are obsessed not only david's delicious work place but megan who drove straight in in a porsche. she drives stick! stick!

vanessa! omg is vanessa and david married? they are both lawrences. i'll cut her, david's mine!

sometimes something that looks so beautiful like this purple thing smells like the bathroom floor at the cock. don't you judge me, i lost my contact there once.

she doesn't know it but i'm going to marry david. and not because her fridge is packed with vodka. wait, where's my sister? if she didn't wear bright clothes, megan would have ran her over with her porsche.

good night uesiders!

do you blame the sisters?!! he's hot and mormon! he can marry all the sisters. wait, is polygamy mormon? i should watch "big love" more often.

if he was 20 pounds heavier, i would be on to him like fly to fresh poo poo. delicious!

"is it bigger than a baby's arm?" hold up gays, too bad he doesn't swing our way. sighing though drooling. bib?

to quote jade fox, "gap hasn't looked this good in years~!" god bless my only boss patrick '97! good night!

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