Saturday, May 1, 2010

05.01.10: pyjamas

happy birthday kaftan cator and pj andrew! lets hug it out.

we had korean for late breakfast! spicy! mommy!

my date and i love bar 6 outside in summer. cruise mobile!

she was a model yesterday and still had make up like a betty.

"date, i farted and she was not so silent."

like you don't work the corner on your spare time?

"this is my corner! get your own conah!"

follow the star!

if i surfed, that would be the wetsuit of my choice too at cynthia rowley.

ahhhhh so dericious!

trust me... moist hottie!

what a lovely day just walking around the city.

then we bumped into ladies in chelsea!

kate's not feeling my camera.

then we went to eat mexican and i cleaned the plates. i rock!

off to harlem to kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss love cator and fay!

exposing penis is not allowed!

it's the book! apparently has all cator's drag pictures are in it.

happy birthday cator!

they just got married 3 weeks ago! her dress was beautiful... those adorable proenza boys made it for her. i wonder if jack will make mine.

i'm loving masako's looooook not to mention justin's jewelry!

rod was there.

timo! i want a bow tie like that size! oooh, he's hot!

"lars, stay away from hank. he's crazy...boy crazy. she's in heat!"

porn daddies?!

kaftan's out. watch out boys... she's not wearing underwear!

cator just flashed the guests.

this is so architectural digest pose.


is it all about straw hat and lederhosen in summer?

sir, cator is not that kind of girl! boink!

like you don't have crush on lars?

good night and happy birthday handsome cator up in harlem cloud!

that hot bitch emily... my pyjamas? we both sleep in the same outfit?

happy birthday andrew!

i'm in the picture?

they got married too! where's my husband? luke?

omg, his nipple was inappropriately giving me a peek a boo peep show. marry me?

"ah, look at that drunk bitch playing with that dude's boobs, 'calling tokyo!'"

when did he change his name to "pink?"

"hank...i got the fever... rice fever!"

gigi's having a get together sunday to launch her hat line. if i can function, i'm totally going despite this allergy and old age.

i knew that's what david sleeps in!

can you wear this next year too?

he reminds me of that canadian young singer dude...

what? they had gangs there? i'm scared! don't cut me!

"my name is not pink you bitch... no socks for you!"

i dream one day i will too sleep in my boyfriend's shirt.

i love chic abigail and timo! where are my bow ties?

if i saw this dude riding the subway in this ensemble, i would have died from high blood pressure. hot!

andrew, i want to know... did people dress up and came there or was there a dressing room like gay sauna (so i heard)?


you know what they say about boys and girls with red pyjama pants... naughty hot sluts! (do not wash with whites)

nighty with boxers... hot!

she's even prettier with short hair. if i cut my hair like that, i would look like a pancake. eat me?

dude was hot! i saw the cure live in '89! how old am i!

"what you talking about willis? we are hot too and got boxers under here." boink!

oh my god.... won!

see, it's not just boys who grope boobs anymore. smooooooth, emily! gotta learn that move.

"don't touch my boobs! i'm not britney! i'm that innocent!"

go white boy! raise the roof andrew!


who are you? send me a message please.

"your bow ties are coming soon to theater near you!"

hot hot hot hot hot! i almost went sarah lawrence on them.

is giancarlo trying to take picture up my skirt? sir, i am wearing underwear, i think. let me check.

"lets hug it out" is genius! that's going to be my new pick up line.

see, no one can resist "lets hug it out!" you can make it masculine by adding "dude" in the end, "lets hug it out, dude!" or be chivalrous (?) by adding "miss" in the end. so going to work it!

derek, aka tt!

young kids are in shock that i'm still going and going like energizer bunny.

what a fun party... i saw so many hotties in boxer shorts, i'm overheated! menopause heat! happy birthday andrew!

i think i got my money's worth on unlimited metro card and fast!

"what the! they let drunk gays in this party?" "cover your boobs, dude!"

max vallot-ed me! that totally sounds like a verb and hot!

natalie, in hot dress, is never that giddy when i kiss her! what? she's not that innocent?

photo by matthew for ax!

with my dyslexia, sort of, i read "god has left u.s. to paris." good night, i'm exhausted.

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