Tuesday, May 18, 2010

05.18.10: mymu

gaby's adorable mymu popup store at david's beautiful studio.

how many men can say "i made kate blush!" suck it!


"you like this?"

all the beautiful ues ladies gathered at david's studio for gaby's mymu!

it's all about the lining... purple! it rained that night and if gaby played "purple rain" it would have rocked everybody's espadrilles off!

i totally think gaby used aquanet hairspray, drag queen's secret... because it was pouring/damp out but her hair stayed fabulous!

i think i should live in ues...look at the dudes!

i remember nancy and zach at the good old beatrice... with manley. i miss rod manley. he should just marry me already.

"wait, i smell kimchee... is hank here?"

it was packed and i heard she sold half of the whole popup store!

"really? like that's really just water?" (who's the hottie in cream sweater?)

she's always fluffing her hair...fierce!

"no, i like my bang this way! lets all sing ricky's she bangs."

he was fine. trust me.

i didn't get the memo and wore pants. hot ladies in mini skirts! they know their legs.

"dude, i know my leg too!" thump!

even the gays are hotter in ues. wait, maybe they are not gays. don't beat me on madison!

martin wrote a sweet thing on mymu on papermag.com!

"stop eyeing my hottie in cream sweater...i'll cut you!"

one day maybe if i kissed enough beautiful ladies, it might rub off on me... 'til then i sing christina aguilera's "beautiful."

ues ladies! hot right?

the neighbors! all had mymu fever!

"like the color of the lining darlings..."

"dude, it's that rice dude! stop serving her vodka! she tried to grab my balls asking for 2 more ice cubes... i told her those are not ice!"

he was a rock star... girls and boys were drawn to his look.

karla's boyfriend has the best laugh in the world.

"no paparazzi!"

"dude, i know you are korean and now you are salivating and all...but try not to eat my dog, okay?"


david's studio is amazingly cozy!

there was a reason why karla told me to take her picture with the sisters... i can't remember now. damn liquor!

thank you david for being the best hostess!

mykonos, here we come!

awe... is this not cuter than that dinner, i mean puppy in a bag?

hot david is read to go the distance...he's loaded up with red bull. red bull gives you wings!

oh no, martin is doing his tuesday jewish dance. it's very elaine benes!

"shh.. korean don't no tell our secret ingredient... shhh... kittens!"

"hank, is kitten kosher?"

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