Tuesday, May 4, 2010

05.04.10: carlos mota

always fun carlos mota's book launch of "flowers chic and cheap" at valentino.

carlos with the girls!

carlos with the girls and they came to life like the movie mannequin!

can paul get any hotter? i got sunburn just looking at him. totally cheated on mike tonight.

the valentino girls!

carlos's busy signing his new book: flowers chic and cheap!

rice on rice! grace and i are so going korean!

i wore the same lipstick tonight! kiss me?

i almost wore that white dress! very chic!

handsome in khaki like military hottie!

doesn't paul totally have that face... face a dog makes when he gets a boner? hot! wait, or maybe just awkward.

young kids... paul djs with records! records! so hot! he's like the last rat pack of a dj!

i loves him...always so cheerfully dressed and smells great like beautiful flower arrangement!

don't judge me... i only had those.

i love going uptown. valentino store is wonderful!


see, the proper real men wear jackets. handsome.

this old margiela!

what? is grace cheating on me with that hottie? i'll cut him!

ladies were buying up those books!

who are you? send me a message please and marry me.

giorgio, could you tell your friend i was swooned?

"hey how yo doin' do you come here often?"

vanessa sandwiched!

the best dancer. period!

is kate's mr. schumacher getting hotter as the weather is?

"dude, that hot bitch with red lips is looking at us dude!" "um, i think she's a mannequin."

downtown butch uptown!

omg, hottie central. especially the creamy middle.

"the other night at prabal at saks, we almost all wore the same shoes! silver lizzard, hello?"

hold up! who's that hot bitch paul's got his arm around? i'll cut him!

"next!" carlos is signing away! allison! i went to her fun halloween party few years ago to photographer for style.com. it was manga themed and i felt right at home.

i can never forget her name... it's noona which means "sister" in korean.

holy peek a boo cleavage batman!


bonnie and i are doing our lesbian act... this usually gets boys going boink! is it working? i think paul thought so...boink!

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