Tuesday, May 11, 2010

05.11.10: chic and cheap

can't get enough of carlos! mr. mota-at the mercer-if you're nasty. go janet!

"carlos is wearing my headband!"

who is that man and why is he not married to me?

the headbands were genius! made me feel like a lady too.

carlos in action... his amazing new book, flowers chic and cheap, out now!

"hank, you totally need picture of the youngest dj on earth!"

even at young age, she loves her headphone bling-ed!

"carlos, don't mess with my hair aight!"

i doubted them being brothers but after close inspection of their noses (and penises), it's true. and they are magnificent!

who eats at parties? straight boys.

who are you? send me a message please. marry me.

who doesn't want to kiss hot zani!

santi! we had a good night at mr. chow years ago!

is zani cheating on me with handsome santi?


"hank, why are you following me saying how hot i am? i'm going to tell lisa and she will cut you!"

one word... adorable fam!

the hottie!

who are you? send me a message please.

how come ms burch doesn't make manpurse?

hottie! we're getting married 2012! save the date!

"hold up slut... if you are getting married to that hottie why are you kissing me?"

"donna, it's not that funny." "i'm peeing right now!"

ryan was extra handsome today.

he had me at "hewo!"

united colors of burch!

"come on kids... bedtime!"

it's the beard...we can't get enough of waris!

i'm cracking everyone except waris. he mastered the poker face.

"why are you kissing me? so scared...."

"ok, i'm leaving... please don't follow me. restraining order! order!"

hold up... i thought she was leaving. hmm...

ever so adorable genevieve.

"hank's not looking. give me a wet one!"

photographers have so much fun taking your pictures.


"don't look. hank's coming toward us like jaws!"


thumbs up for carlos' new book and carlos!

lisa! billy's kissing/cheating with his camera!

"it is magical!"

see, if you accessorize properly you can kiss anyone... hot!

"hold up! that rice bitch was a dude without his/her headband?"

jonathan's that delicious! bond st!

"oh my god... oh........ boink!"

"this one... not so much boink."

"why is she keep on following me?"

with a smile like that... marry me!


i wish i had my old haircut. we could be sisters!

the hot dj pose... tits and ass out! hottttttttttt!

"this leather jacket? no, you can't have it."

see, ryan was extra magnetic tonight.

"dude, i told you not to grab my peeeeenis in public!" boink!

with a smile like that... wait, it's carlos! i'm turning lesbian?


"hank, pull my finger." "nooooooooooooooooo! lethal gas!"

"seriously...who is your favorite house wife of new york?"

"so no taste... really her?"

"let me convince you why that bitch is not the best choice."


"dude, without your headband, i don't know if i can kiss you... i'm too pretty!"

hold up... did ms jones slip me a tongue and i got high?

thank you handsome ladies in gold for a fantastic evening!

"come on... this way... follow my penis."

good night!

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