Thursday, May 13, 2010

05.13.10: paper planes #03

paper planes #03 at the soho grand...what a ball, a blast fun!

love laurie! is andreas blowing out his gun, smelling his finger or wants me to pull his finger?

"don't fight it aighhhhht! i wuv you!"

one time at a band camp marcus said to me "why are you always after my men?" i fell on the ground and broke my hips again.

"bitch, you try to steal my soul, i'll steal yours!"

is it me or when you see johnny you feel like you are watching 70's hot gay porn starring a college student needing ticket home? wait, maybe it's just me. nose bleed!

he's the anna wintour of paper planes magazine!

hold up! is my johnny cheating on me with another rice? i'll cut him!

maya is not mayan!

foxy lady in da house!

i thought she was making fun of my fat stomach to realize she's pregnant! congratulations!

that hot bitch sophia...i almost wore my hair like that! loves her!

"suck and blow is a game!"

"suck and blow is a game?"

koreans love paper planes magazine!

where was mike nouveau?

double fisting? that's my kind of girl.

"why is that homo eyeing my hoodie?"

fancy people drink champagne and alcoholics drink well vodka.

yeah, mike nouveau! i moved on. call me?

i think it's enormous...i love germany or polish sausage!

"hey! i found my oompa loompa!"

hot bitches! peace out! love!

she's so sweet... who doesn't love henry and not just because she wears comme des mc hammer pants.

i totally need to sleep with marcus because she's always after my men!

young kids...totally school's out for summer!

young kids...totally school's out for summer!

where's waldo?

save the date bitches! johnny and hank are getting married and making sweet retro gay porn in 2015!

who is this deliciousness?

"omg, it's really magical like vicuna!

"hee hee... i'm not a home yet not a woman!" deliciousness cheating on me...

"gasp! who invited him here?"

steven can rojas me any day. i'm cheating on mike nouveau again. maybe i'm a slut.

oh my god... i'm totally a slut!

"i kissed that hot asian bitch...i'm feeling it!" i'm hot?

"who cut the cheese?"

paparazzi, five times!


mixing patterns...all the rage right now.

poker face hottie!

wait, i went tits up again?

i was pointing out to popo that his one headlight is out. he said "thank you girl!"

i wonder if travis is related to bass industry? i want to meet chuck bass and get pregnant. "chuck half of your empire hotel is mine! i'm pregnant with your baby!" oh my god, i'm such a wilhelmina slater!

cutie pie!

dear demetria/make a wish foundation. i would love a high tech nike running shoes in u.s. mens size 8. used to 7 1/2 but my feet grew. who knew. thank you!

"yeah bitch, i'm a bass and i got me a lady already!" but travis, i'm pregnant with chuck's baby or it could be yours!

"why is hank here? who invited her to pravda?"

"sagapo aga pi mo!"

why hot bitches always flash their fancy blings at poor poor bitch like me? i want some blings too!

whoever said butch men can't wear nail polish...come forward and he'll kick your ass.

what? they had wasp gangsters there? not my face, it's the money maker!

"look, my kid grew so fast!" good night!

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