Monday, May 31, 2010

05.31.10: damien

happy birthday date! for reals.

happy birthday date! people watching at bar 6 is the best.

her first word, go figure, was "peso."

we're eating again?

lanvin darling!

you see fun people on the pier!

"damien, your hair smells like spicy beef taco and pesos."

"roadster santos."

what? we went to someone roof in chinatown?

apparently fish taco was delicious. i couldn't possibly eat anymore.

then off to marc's patio where we saw lots of dilfs!

we thought kruger, after 5 mile run was going home to change. she sidetracks a lot.

"what? that dude in horny green t shirt hasn't changed?"

sometimes, we go butch and drink beer. so butch! muy muy macho on damien's birthday!

krueger is such a peeping tom! hot dads do us!

"hank, that dad is fine!"

we got caught staring. "hey, if you don't want homos to stare at you, stop going to the gym!"


"what? did dad get a boner?"

who needs flower shop when you can just chop some from your garden.

martin's happy because i'm not drunk enough to drag him to korean restaurant, again.

happy birthday again date! she really milked her birthday this year.

what? david below 14th street?

"what? they got lesbians at sant ambroeus? cubbyhole's that way!"

we no lesbians!

damien dashed off and gaby already ordered surprise tart with candle! so krueger stepped up!

"thank you thank you....for fun birthday!"

wait, krueger and damien are same person?

what? was it wear white day? i didn't get the memo.

good night beautiful gaby! happy birthday date. we love you long time for 5 pesos!

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