Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.09: bois d'alexa

bois d'alexa! it smells like eating chocolate with your nose.

after 9 days of cleanse, not eating nor drinking (gasp!), i ran to "besos" alexa. i just love her.

roopal, my sister and i have the best girls' night out dinners.

steven sent me to this fun halloween party to photograph for him. i was dressed as a line of was an impromptu title.

fur vests! don't you just love/die! it's like mullet! luxury on the body, rock and roll on the arms.

gasp! "you're fired!"'s hot daughter! i saw pictures...she looked beautiful at her wedding.

the girls just love bois d'alexa!

"victor hold me! hanuk's after my boyfriend saying he's his boyfriend! hanuk's cray cray! restraining order?!"

they better work! keegan with her fierce tea cup pose and lauren in bumblee hotness shirt! simon, lets not even go there. miss those bitches! congratulations to alexa! "grande besos!" (i meant to write "big kisses") love you!

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