Thursday, November 26, 2009

11.26.09: the rothenbergs then rice-giving

thanksgiving at the rothenbergs then rice-giving with shaun and prabal!

the men of rothenbergs.

i heard about her love room in vegas. it's legendary!

i get so nervous when i see mama rothenberg (maybe it's her jag), michael and i chucked down 2 cups of vodka each. we're not alcoholics, we're just shy.

delicious! thank you for home cooked thanksgiving mrs. rothenberg!

alexis chocolate cookies with sprinkle of salt was divine!

mr rothenberg and i have 1 thing in common. we wear church's.

i didn't get to tell them the story about when i was at their house last. the doorman called jason frank and said "should i send him up the front elevator or the back elevator?" i was wearing head to toe yohji and i think he thought i was homeless.

"that time when i saw hussy hanuk holding my adorable jason frank's arm, i almost crashed my jaguar in chelsea pole."

their house is like disneyland.

michael and i were totally buffers for parents' meeting. we deserve drinks and wings, jason frank!

stepped out of the house for some quick walk to the park.

it was a wonderful thanksgiving... great company, fresh air, delicious food.

ramble? i only heard about it, i've never been there! i am not that kind of girl, my other sisters are questionable though. don't make me name names... grandma.

i was trying hard to compose myself after 3 cups of vodka. no one suspected anything. no one! thank you mrs. rothenberg and i'm so going to visit alexis' mom in vegas or go drinking in new york!

passed out... after few hours later, met up with shaun and prabalina for our rice-giving. it's a tradition.

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