Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11.24.09: rebecca

what a whole lotta lovin' kind of night, especially for rebecca. we love you!

"sweetie, you know our fat sister will act up tonight. she chucked three glasses of vodka in 6 minutes!"

"mr. roper, no! hanuk's watching!"

"dude, wait 'til you see where this plugs in."

"i am too hot to be a real person. also, i am jewish." "what?! marry me! no need to convert here."

"hold up! this isn't that hot asian bitch i was courting. this is a dude with chanel number 5, designer imposter!"

"i'm watching you!"

"bitch! if you don't want me to yank your weave out, you better stay away from my benji!"

"i'm so sorry benji. we tried to lose her on the way here, but she followed the smell of your vodka in the refrigerator."

mr roper goes down? whaaaaaaaaaaat?

i am looking for that strayed falcon or eagle from central park again tonight.

"i am a robot. 47th generation of prius."

"baby steps... baby steps... god, don't let me trip like that bad ecstasy i took."

"bitch, you flirt with my benji, i'll go after this hottie. so up your alley!"

"you, dude, tried to trick me with your lady perfume!"

it's working again? oh shit, my sister will yank my weave out!

"bitchhhhhhhhh! you got 1 more strike 'til i strike!"

"victor, i feel used in this odd situation."

"see, we look so good togayther!"

"wtf! who gave her horse tranquilizer?"

"oh shit! he said k hole? whatever that means! and he was going up the chimney!"

speaking of horse...even horse doesn't want to kiss me! of course mr roper would take this perfect picture of me being rejected by a horse. love you, really.

hot stranger #1.

hot stranger #2.

hot stranger #3. hold up, this is mr. roper!

rebecca! love you! i'll come visit you in longdong!

"is this boom boom room?"

"what bitches! this is not boom boom room? why are you bitches not at boom boom boom!"

"hanuk look! i'm here with a hot lady! stay away from me!"

i kissed that hot lady.

i have 1 picture of rory and he's doing my eyes.

"cator! don't eat me! i'm not turkey!"

"hold up! why is hanuk kissing my lady! he should be kissing me!"

it's ok, kate knows i have thing for her man who rides horses. wow, lots of horse thoughts today.

later on, lauren unbuttons her top. hot!

who's this future husband? email me.

"look hanuk, i brought you someone else to kiss instead of my hotness luke cheek!"

oh my god! my knees gave in! most action i got in 4 months 24 days and 12 hours. but heck, who's counting.

"bitch, this is not boom boom room!" "peace."

"hanuk, this dude knows karate chop! and he has no shame chopping gays."

i love cta! wait, now she's ctas! congratulations to carolyn and adam!

if that's not a happy face...i was talking about my face.

omg, i almost wore those boots!

"just don't look at hanuk. maybe he'll go away."

luke! make a wish foundation! dreams really do come true when you wish upon a star.

ecstasy or is this horse tranquilizer? what's with my obsession over that? i must be pregnant.

hmm.... this one's questionable. i think he's not 100% into it.

hmm... "hanuk handwerker" will make me h squared. hot!

"darling, keep me safe from your drunk asian sister!"

see! lauren is bringing sexy back! button undone!

kiss me! i'm a homo princess! frog hotness prince cursed by a lesbian sorceress in far far land called prada. i said prada.

what? they got gays here?

"stop gays! it tickles! no 28 gays later! "

christo's shirt is like cutest kid's bed sheet. i just want to lie on him.

you had me at "no! don't kiss me!" marry me?

hmm... tartan chic!

"bitches, that rice wore me out with a kiss. i need to recoup!"

"no! red lips doesn't equal easy! don't! stop! i know i'm hotness! don't stop!" hot!

"you think energizer bunny never stops... hanuk runs on nuclear energy of love."

future husband is that chu?

i gave up! he managed to find a real cuteness princess to unfrog him? really?

"oh hanuk! is this the handwerker you want to marry?" "lady! don't make it so obvis!"

angelo kiss sandwich!

it's the katsiaouni secret to fence off evil gay cheek kisser.

"hmm... we've done this like on halloween."

"oh shit, my dad and my sister might see this! no, i had no choice! i no gay!"

one night with aron, while aron was in the bathroom, i felt it. it's like the size of universal remote.

one day i saw angelo during the daytime and it was strange...

"bitch, i got lucky with fay!"

good night rebecca! remember we'll always have your birthday night at the beatrice!

see, lyman is used to me by now. he's an expert on "how to kiss a homo and make it out alive."

g'night! what a lovely night to remember rebecca's love! see you soon in longdong! love you!

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