Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11.25.09: krueger

a leisurely wednesday afternoon with krueger.

we started out at wogies... drinks, chicken tenders and some italian bread with built in meat. whaaaa??? all this along side mr hoffman and his kid watching some sports on tv.

waitresses there are fantastic. she's keeping her eyes open so we don't dash. "dashing homos! fucking recession!"

"hank really? you have to get your shoe shined now?" "but of course..."

"so many buffers like men."

the most exclusive club has opened in manhattan. macdo 24!

we were playing tourists near lincoln center, i think. i was way drunk.

lie down. the front desk guy totally thought we were sluts in action. she gave mike room number 869. get it? so wrong... can't two gays just hang out?

quick nap! what a fun wednesday. thanks krueger! hey!

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