Thursday, November 12, 2009

11.12.09: slater

handsome slater's opening then xanax accidentally washed down with a martini kicked in and all i remember is "blackout!"

serious, i think we might have kissed in the 90's in paris. where are those pictures?

he said i had good shoes on. this is why i must date someone my own age. marry me?

"mom, i swear, i thought it was tic tac!"

"if it was tic tac, how come you smell like kimchee?"

"is this boom boom room?"

"bitch, does this look like boom boom room?"

cool kids corner.

it's the steps at the met! she sits on top, i know it.

yana is love!

i'm back where? is this boom boom room? please note mama brian's dinner=bottle (or two) of veuve.

i see joey! is this boom boom boom room?

fabiola approves every picture. this picture has been inspected and passed by fabiola=we look hot!

"what? you let fabiola photo approve? what about me?"

who sang that song.. "is that your boyfriend, he wasn't last night...." ?

"is this your date? if this is your date, he isn't tonight!" hold up! is my date cheating on me?

i'm convinced underneath his turban there is the most beautiful chanel headband.

soon my sister victor will be worried that prabal is still wearing white t shirt in december.

karla twice in one week? is it my birthday week?

"hanuk, did you boom boom already?" "yes, off to see dancing homos at b.east!"

"wha? you want my letterman jacket? wanna go steady?"

the cutest, coolest windbreaker!

who are you? send me a message please.

first, i fell in love with his old gucci loafers.

then he seduced me with his camel toe socks. gasp! seduction to the max.

i've been scaring since 10.22.04, the night i kissed joe bradley. good times.

young kids these days... i think they are born with style.


greg's new chapeau!

happy birthday andrew! (i did not take a bite out of all 3 different flavors.)

"dude, you just did not spit chocolate birthday cake in my eye! it burns!"

"dude, just pull my finger. just do it! i got gas build up!"

for a second or two, i thought darsi had big black hand.

my sister acting coy!

"stay away from my drunk sister! she'll clean your ear hole like chimney with her tongue!"

we want to know....who are you? because you have to be one of us's future husband. my vagina told me.

"don't! stop! don't stop! i'm not that kind of girl who does those things in the banquet." "i am! i am!"

"hey girl!"

"oops, did i burp like a man?'

happy birthday andrew, the man with universe on his t shirt. it's pink, must be uranus.

i think we all wished arden was there to dance with andrew like 03.03.09 at the good old beatrice... the night i met my future husband david.

"what you talking about willis? the beatrice is closed?" "is this boom boom room?"

hold up! is she kissing my future husband? i'll cut her! wow, what a big hand you got there. (wait, where are we now? avenue? is it avenue montaigne?)

"please be gentle. i'm 'avenue' virgin."

"really hanuk? this young lady doesn't buy it."

"good god! the gays are everywhere!"

"i said, pull my finger like a man, bitch!"


see, angelo lets me take pictures (sometimes).

"hanuk, pete might see this and he'll nag, nag, nag that i let you kiss me and he won't give up ass for a week."

bar hopping with darsi! blackout.

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