Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11.18.09: hooters to fendi

hooters to fendi?

i die for wings!

i die again for fried pickles!

i die for creepy hair man. beyond hot! who knew, there were so many future husbands at hooters!

"hmm... i'll have this food stain on the menu."

it was someone's birthday party. my sister had her 25th (plus 40) birthday party at hooters.


brooke shields is concerned that piano player looked like he was retaining gas.

i love uptown ladies.

"please god! it's coming!"

"thank you!" (relieved of gas tension.)

so cute, i want one.

beautiful coats.

"dudette, it's big! really big."

someone's year's rent on an outfit to die for. chic chic chic!

lanvin! bumping into her was a pleasant surprise. stephen and i think she came out of a wall.

it's the jazz finger bearded dude from "is this boom boom room?" night, 09.25.09.

"omg, why is he keep on looking at me. i thought he had crush on erik. he's the rice queen. oprah said 'avoid eye contact' with stalkers."

"dang woman, you can still have crush on me. i'm going to cock block james."

with another rice betty? i'll cut him! dinner soon?

so hot. marry me!

four eye club. very exclusive.

was it "wear your grey suit to work day" at laforce?

i knew it!

she got digits from hot bartender. my hero woman!

oh my god... he's going to be my future husband. i know it! my initials will be appropriately "ho"!

why is krueger looking at my future husband like christmas?

he was hot... wait, is that margaret martin marks?

he let me try on his ring for size. it fits!

"give me back my ring! now woman!" (but i'm a dude.)

my favorite jewish writer.

"oh my god. i'm attracting some freaks tonight. gotta dash soon out of this joint back to ues!"

"future husband, you missed my lips by a mile."

"what the! when did they let gays into this joint? i quit!"

bitches, smoking kills!

what? i'm an asian lesbian? that's so hot right now.

"hanuk, please don't freak out on my friend. be kind and rewind."

"whachamacallit is here? lets run!"

as god as my witness i shall landa kiss on simon!

"dude, this sext from hanuk is hilarious. he said something about eating chinese food with wha???!!"

hot dudes gave 4 thumbs up for fine music selection at b.east!

"pull my finger?" good night.

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