Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11.17.09: fred perry

happy 100th birthday fred perry, you handsome man!

"he had me at hello and i got another tattoo for ya!"

now, that's a fred perry fan.

nick must marry me!

he asked, "why would you want to take my picture?" excuse me... hello? you're a hottie central?!

"hanuk! not wearing timo bow tie?"

i knew it! rice queen!

handsome cator! i always thought his name was casper spartan for a long time.

who are you? send me a message please.

teen happy drunk on liquor?

i knew it! rice queen!

"omfg! i'm texting gossip girl!"

michael's such a ladies' man.

double fisting!

i'm over ollie (not really). is it because he's so big he didn't add me on facebook? add me? add me, so i can write "thanks for the add" on your facebook wall. biggest kisses!

what? my sister victor got a man?

omg, shaun is wet right about now.

i always fall in love with bad ass drummer. hotness to the maximus!

i need a bedpan right about now. marry me?

i am feeling the vibration from shaun's pussy quiver.

she's making sure her heart is beating.


if i did this maneuver, my tits and stomach will jiggle like santa claus!

"tay? what is this tay?"

"you got no man, because you got no nails fine like these be!"

ykw, i'm over ollie! who's this hottie?

ykw, i'm over ollie! who's this hottie? wait, it's karla.

this one's for my date... she went pq on this one.

"raise your hand raise your hand... if you are slightly turned on and sure!"

"i have a gumbie cat in mind.... her name is jennyanydots."

salute to my ping pong ball trick! that got me through college. don't you judge me!

"date, you cray cray!"

"dude, awkward..."

i think it's big.

something hotness about a man with a matching pants and his plastic watch.

what? is my date giving seductionness to hotness nick? i'll cut her!

i spread and a ping pong ball came out. i guess i still got it.

you had me at hello!

"you slut! you kissed my michael! i'm fine with that.. i got a hot bitch!" i love j.

"dude, you can't climb on the table dude...."

wtf! lauren does ping punani trick too? that's my signature!

why did fay have to come between me and my future husband? i'll cut her!

tea cup pose works every time.

make a wish foundation! unite gays with hot rock stars.

what? birthday boy 5 nights ago at beige with my favorita sophia? what? i went to beige?

chic-est woman in new york! just love sophia and not because she gave me a drink coupon!

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