Monday, October 5, 2009

10.05.09: damien and bar nuts

"best crack bar nuts? there's an app for that."

my date and i are brave. bar nuts at the magician is like crack covered strawberries dipped in chocolate brushed with ecstasy. ooh, gas!

"date, i got gas. where can i fart in the city in comfort? omg, they have app for that!"

"the pressure! i can't handle it anymore! why beano no work no more!?"

where's waldo/hot dude at schiller's now? for stalkers, there's an app for that too!

"date, when i see a pole, i remember dancing with drew barrymore at baby doll lounge on white street to make a buck or two. or got paid in bar nuts. good times."

"i'm so happy! it's a pole!"

"i just farted. lets light this bitch on fire! youtube it!"

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