Thursday, October 29, 2009

10.29.09: surprise birthday party for alexander

surprise! happy birthday mr. werz, sexy moustache man!

"would you like anchovies with that?" "lots please, just like every other thursdays i am not planning on kissing anyone. born again virgins, unite!!!"

"don't you just love tristan?" "save me!"

treena's voice dub is so major!

cool people still smoke.

happy birthday mr. werz!

"oh my god! who invited hanuk here! hide the vodka! hide the vodka, cold medicine, even perfumes!"

"see, he didn't get the memo either! it was wear grey day."

skippy and erin... the hottest hosts. they were so smoking hot, i got a sunburn.

"le bouton!" "il prend le metro?" :)

"shh... i hid the best polish vodka in here just for you! who loves you."

his chic shirt was monogrammed "bah." go figure, all night long i walked around saying "bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." thank god i'm pretty.

"dude, you are pretty.... pretty drunk! oh snap!" (simon says, "marry me!")

see, bow tie works every time. we looked good in them clip ons! strap ons? the latter sounds kinky.

i made him laugh one summer with my music choice of main theme from the elephant man.

"who are these gays in my house? don't pet me, i'm playing dead. meow."

and he blew so gracefully.

cutie pies!

see, hot people in grey! like popular kids in high school, they didn't give me the memo. i wore purple.

is this "yentl" or "boys don't cry"?

skippy is showing me how to tie my big tits down on alexander.

"but hanuk, you still have to tie a bow on the top, so guys will know that you are a pretty girl inside."

"your purple sweater is making me faint! obviously you didn't get the grey memo."

"hmm... let me think who didn't get the memo." (this was hilarious.)

"yup, there she goes again." i went tits up! happy birthday mr. werz, sexy moustache man!

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