Sunday, October 18, 2009

10.18.09: la bottega, arabelle and the pizza joint

every sunday should be this fun day.

"ah sooooooo! there's an app for that!" catching up with barbara was the best!

i am popoye the sailor kim, eating spinach. muscle!

ues! i get nervous above 23rd street. i got social anxiety.

pictures do add 40 pounds to my ass!

he's amazing. he couldn't be bothered and read his book, though i knew he was listening to everything. i had to refrain myself from saying the "b" word, "f" word, "s" word... you know the words.

popular giorgio!

i was too eager and early to mauricio and tasha of hester's trunk show.

so headed over to one of my favorite dive bar where i was stood up once. (yes luke) i'm scarred for life. ;)

but rarest happened. bartender asked me if i were over 21. i peed (martini) happy in my pants!

omg, we are all going to get the same swimsuit coming summer! just imagine, stephen, bonnie and me in that. united colors of benetton sexy kittens!

"yeah hanuk, but my boobs look much better in these, no?" really...wait 'til you see my girls. they are fantastic and real like that betty from madmen.

bonnie is pushing those merchandises!

i am modeling the swimsuit for him. i think he's enjoying the view. obvi!

(i'm still wearing the swimsuit)

i ate salad.

2 slices!

"omg, act normal! there's a hottie in baseball approaching our table! don't freak him out! stay calm bitches!"

he was a moist handsome devil! dirty thoughts! naked! nose bleed! girth! homemade hot sopressata! christian's blinded by his hotness! bonnie is trying not to scream out "i love you!"

they are so making fun of my modeling debut as the cover girl for that poster. picture does add 40 pounds to my gut.

this is it! bonnie jackson!

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