Thursday, October 8, 2009

10.08.09: mike, michael, young lady and lanvin

fun sensory overload! mike, michael, young lady and lanvin in one day.

"meow, law is mine!" "no bitch! law is mine!" "ooh, broadway? gay!"

"shake it! shake the lice away! work the fringes!"

"natasha, i told you when your lice is acting up, wash ya'll hair!"

"just like that christmas when i got g.i joe instead of barbie, lets pretend i'm enjoying this slut kissing my cheeky cheek. serenity now."

"i think i like this hanuk slut kissing me more than natasha. omg, i'm a lesbian!

"no! no! no! i hate when i drink liquor and it's low."

"serenity now... fill her up bartender lady."

"these sluts are crazy!"

"omg, it's like that movie '28 geishas later'! i caught 'rice!'"

"ho ho ho! i'm a geisha! caught rice!"

one word.... "vogue vogue vogue vogue.... vogue!"

"really? still working that 80's hair flipping seduction action?"

"i'm from africa! don't steal my seoul! no pictures!"

"if you let me suck it too, i'll light it for you."

"i totally like lit that for you! share it slut! give me a drag and don't be a drag!"

"fine, my light for every fag."

"tay, what is this? tay? is it like where you wash your hair?"

"wait. tay, is it like shoes? latest louboutin? i die." (i watched 4 episodes in a row with my date and i'm obsessed! chic, funniest and very suspenseful! love! i die.)

"dude, those bitches who caught 'rice' are crazy!"

"just go with me.... hanuk, see, i am dating a girl. just stop leaving me sexy voicemail like 'i'm nude.'"

ooh, it's chanel. open!

"why is she seducing mike? my name is michael and bitch should be totally seducing me. my name is longer."

"hanuk, keep on flashing me. maybe i'll tan."

"yeah bitches, and that's how you get a free ride with your 'rice'!"

"texting gossip girl. hanuk is here! do not come to this place! she cray cray!"

"dudes! two chicks making out! rad!"

"rad! chicks and gays gone wild! totally awesome!"

"are they like making out in front of me again? that's so early 90's madonna."

"kiss me like a man, bitch!"

"really i don't swing that way. but that's how i put on lipstick. look ma, no hands!"

"rad! chicks are at it again! this bar totally rocks!"

"really.... i like penis too much. popsicle in summer less messy than melons."

"oooh, i'm catching 'rice' too!"

"michael! drinks now! now! now!" p.s. lindsay caught 'rice' too. references: "rage" "28 days later"

"yeah hanuk. he's mine! you stay away from him and don't even try to geisha him."

"texting gossip girl. hanuk is here! do not come to this place! she cray cray!"

"don't you dare come near my balenciaga!"

love bumping into asian tourists.

love bumping into asian tourists. wait, is that my sister victor in sunday best on thursday night? chic!

"i'm blinded! why is your asian homo friend flashing me her wrist? wait, that's geisha-chic? so scary!"

what happens in east village (i think) stays in east village! loves you mike, michael, young lady and lanvin!

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