Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10.27.09: souen, corner bistro

i tried to be good and eat macrobioticness at souen but fell off the wagon by dinner.

the pumpkin special at souen was so major! meow jason frank! shh... he finished it!

macrobiotic chirashi.

yup, 3 hours later and this at corner bistro with ryan.

ryan knew i was totally trying to take picture of hottie behind him. marry me?

"oh good god, the bitch is once again... drunk!"

"really hanuk? telling that story about me trying to kiss you again?" "i got proof! i'm pregnant you bitch! abort is not an option!"

"i can't listen to this story again! this bitch's gone senile! i'm outtie!" "one time at a band camp... wait, where did antonio go?"

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