Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10.14.09: hamilton 1883, ll bean signature

hamilton 1883 shirt launch! then to ll bean signature.

is he talking about my face?

david hamilton! texans do it better.

i'm so going to texas! imagine me in texas... i'll be in hot sauce heaven!

he rings my bell twice bitches! i got me a hot mailman!

grey day, amazing clouds! highline.

old tracks! maybe my ancestors railed it.... a moment of silence, respect.

"good god... why hank williams always drag me with him to eat hot wings, kittens and martinis?"

not as spicy as wings from wogie's, but they are pretty good at automatic slims. these won't burn my ass coming out though... eww, no wonder i'm single.

i went moist! why are all hot men swing the other way?

"oh no you didn't!"

wedding date in florida!

hold up! is james cheating on me? i'll cut her!

it was all about bozhena's libby jacket! hot!

"date, look sober! otherwise they won't serve you another double vodka on the rocks." "sober! touch my nose! count 10 to 1 backswards!"

i went moist again! hotties!

shh.... i got a secret crush on horizon-tal stripes!

omg! omg! omg! ashley and i went to school together in paris in the 90's! haven't seen each other since! omg omg omg! new found old drinking buddy!

"talk to the hand..." or was he doing that straight boy thing... "high five?"

he's doing the mating dance? moist! it's working.

"keep it cute! omg! is she humping that dude? ubw!"

could we go martinis and wings this week, stephen? mordechai, i need that shirt!

"hanuk... girl, are you already drunk?"

i'm doing the moonwalk while farting. smoooooooth glide! cracking my date up.

"people, keep hanuk away from me! he is constantly sexting me!"

was it bring your kid to work party night? :)

one word: zz top with margiela pants=sexy rock 'n roll.

what a good looking couple! wait, what does she got that i don't got! date me?

play hookey with me! call in sick and lets go eat wings and martinis!

jack hot spencer, you had me at hello (and that functioning already plugged in chainsaw under your sofa)!

horny (due to oysters) hot daddy! "eww, who eats oysters?" :)

that guy was like 7 feet tall, burly, and jewish (i hope). i'm imagining big dimensions down there. drool... marry me?

"you like?"

we tried to make that bar on 8th avenue happen years ago... we didn't make it. but remember being drunk often that summer.

it's called "mood board."

kate knows... i have crush on schumacher.

what the! i'll cut her!

embracing love, just embracing love. dude love.

"oh my god... ohhhhhhh! shaun is major sexy face!"

moist and need a bed pan!

"if you seduce me like that how can i say 'no'?"

something about hottie drinking beer like smoking cigar. hot!

"good god, they got koreans here. somebody's save me! i don't taste good with kimchee!"

one word: fabulous!

"fagggggggggggggggggots!" (inside joke, turned on)

if i wasn't so lazy, i would go eat there more often. kimchee breath! wait, was this almost 10pm? martin, what were we thinking?

what? same hotties different joint. ace hotel now?

"you can blow in my ear all you want. (boing!) i'm not going to do you when i can make out with that kimchee/martini breath over there."

good night hotties!

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