Sunday, October 11, 2009

10.11.09: yuki

happy birthday yuki! tuki.

group shot... group shot. yuki's birthday!

"girl, about my gender decision to sit in the middle of these two. ooh, a bottle of wine!"

fresh fact: did you know martini goes well with everything?

tangled sisters!

"i have to pee."

for a second i thought it was palmier.

ketchup is for pussies! that's hot sauce.

"bitch, you are so asian with that hot sauce up in theeeeere."

"look at me! i'm carrie! ms. bradshaw if you are nice."

"about your dirty napkin flower decision..."

"sister, behave with that hot sauce! someone might think they got crab spicy down there at the cock!"

tangled sisters again!

"it's my night! i got the tiara!"

see, yuki's 1 year old. happy birthday yuki! loves you!

ubw! prabal ran after his cousin's wedding. cheek bones galore!


"date, look! we can wrap these for yukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

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