Thursday, October 1, 2009

10.01.09: warby parker

the day warby parker comes out is the day i toss my cutler and gross.

bumping into lindsay and hottie in stripes...

oh greg... we have the same marc jacobs shirt which is almost vintage and that's how chic we are.

always with the hottie.

she's bringing sexy back.

they go way back. gays are never satisfied.

yassky on yassky. if you didn't vote for david, shame on you!

wharton andy... marry me?

wharton neil marry me? no... he's already married to hotness rachel. good ones are either married, not gay, or married and not gay.

one day i'm going to do that with my husband likely went to wharton or said penn law.

nothing like connecticut housewife with patagonia polar fleece which is basically wearing gay.

i didn't realize how tall scott was.

prabalina is bringing sexy back.

happy birthday matt! kay to my heart... gay!

good night good lookings and i am so getting married to one of the wharton hotties! and wait for warby parker! not only i shot the pictures but i'm proud to be part of the handsome project. wait for it.. coming in november.

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