Monday, September 28, 2009

09.28.09: missla

missla cooks gourmet! to top it off, she even made raspberry sorbet from scratch.

"hanuk, i made special ice for your vodka rocks."

hungry kids go in the corner.

thank god she was laughing. otherwise a bicycletta might have ran her over.

"hmm.... i'm going to eat more pâté."

"god, i'm a goddess with the new haircut!"

delicious! i'll take chicken over pigeon any day.

ladies catching up.

was bc doing crunches?

that's a wedding kimono.

"good, hanuk is sitting opposite from us. so she'll take our pictures and don't bore us with the same old stories from the 90's."

"i have to leave. i prefer pigeon over chicken."

mouth wetting!

"where she goin'?

grandma's new do!

made from scratch raspberry sorbet cold turkey-ed any desire for future sex related events.

"yay, we don't have to hear anymore about hanuk's sex conquests!"

"do we really believe her? once a whore never a virgin queen." thank you missla for delicious time!

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