Saturday, September 5, 2009

09.05.09: antonio's fitting

what a saturday...naked boys, booze and food!

i wore antonio's jacket once and it actually made me feel like a better person. it's magical! now go spend that money on one and send one my way. me will love you long time.

"you like?" (sallly a.k.a. salsa's chanel jelly was breathtaking. p.s. we got same shoe size except mine's wide like titanic.)

he spoke like an angel. trust boots! (prabalina did i use "boots" correctly?)

"who gave my sister hanuk cheese? she cut it again! and it don't smell no like chanel number 5!"

the puppet shadow! sexy? scary?

mc is everything and sally is brilliant. i don't know how that crazy salsa puts such chic looks together and remembers every little details.

twins lost at birth! if you squint, it's like really tall white man and her twin but different hair style of course.

3 words... randy, paula and simon.

kate is bringing sexy back! yeah.

you know us asians... we like shiny floating balls. big balls!

really... how amazing was new york today? to those fancy folks who ran out of it and left me in manhattan for suburb fun... why didn't you take me with you? i'm calling aspca!

one day... i will walk around with a man like that, spotting ufo. "oh, shiny... floating!" one day.

prabalina picking elettra's booooooooooooger! aroused aren't ya'll? hot!

then there's the prettiest of all sisters... camilla! what a wonderful saturday yo. happy labor day weekend! and when you return bring me a hot laborer or two for me to labor on.

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