Monday, September 14, 2009

09.14.09: chris benz, marc jacobs after party

chris benz's sparkling, like his adorable eyes, collection to marc jacobs' after party with lady gaga. where i pondered (?), "lady gaga who?" it's all about lady bunny! the original lady!"

let me find that picture of derek where he had birthday party at nyu dorm and served spiked punch. he was adorable, my tt, then and even cuter now.

is miguelina carrying a man purse? that's my story!

the hotness that is chris benz must have came from somewhere! mama and dada benz in da house!

"you like my dad?" he's a total "filf!"

is brad, my newest bow tie crush, cheating on me with bonnie? i'll cut her!

one word... good looking!

folks...these are recession, grey's papaya, proof clothes. go out and party or just wear it to grocery store. mood upper!

what? is bonnie after all my crushes? i'll cut her!

who knew... the prettiest and cutest model was a boy!

i am so scared of hipster messengers.

the benz!

this old margiela sneakers!

yeah yeah yeah, bonnie is sort of baldwin.

we are trying to recreate "the accidental pose" from number (n)ine party. hot!

who knew...the pretties of them all was stephen? :)

cheryl might be my last hope of finding more jack purcell leather (white or black) slip on in u.s. size 7.

"why do bitches and homos tease me with food?"

work it out! bonnie's feeling it!

who got the munches! bonnie baked that from scratch.

"hmm... this dude is tall."

i kissed benz number 1!

i kissed benz number 2!

i kissed benz number 3!

i tell you... i love fashion week and seeing all the beautiful women in fashion.

i'm gaga over lady bunny still.

she looks as good as she did in the 90's!

she was my school jury when i was at parsons paris. she didn't remember.

anne looks 12... crush on matthu.

abbey, aka alanis, is dali.

hannah is so tall and skinny, i don't know how she carries that heavy camera all night.

mama hamish in da house!

"look hanuk. i'm married!" (wait, but doesn't wedding ring on on the other finger? i call it a bluff!)

yeah, you cross one of these fine ladies you'll never get in anywhere! love you?!

beautiful sophie. she owns sparkles and all things shiny.

"no mas picture-os?!"

"hanuk really? she's your sister? but she's so pretty."

good looking rice power in da house!

alanis again! sans dali moustache.

how does he have those beautiful curls being rice? i permed my hair once in the 90's. wasn't pretty.

one word... gay porn.

"so we have alert from the door that hanuk snuck in. there will be blood and it will be messy."

i don't know who she is (and i'm not being ironic here either) but despite all the yawning people said, she sang really well.

but she ain't the original lady... lady bunny! god i'm such a 90's fag.

feeling it!

he's just too adorable!

call me the lady bunny stalker!

"oh bitch! it's you again? i thought someone good looking like hannah, david or billy was taking my picture!"

"i'm running away from your crazy asian ass!"

"dude, not so tight... that's gay."

yeah, you saw him at my sisters victor and antonio's presentations.

handsome joe zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

she's such a lady, i just love her.

see, i'm back stalking lady bunny again!

"twirl girls! world is my oyster and it's a big one. i'm horny."

what the? david has rice fever? yeah i know... chau is smoking hot!

why does that hottie have picture of my face on his t shirt? rice fever?

oh kate!

as i was running out to bed, he was just getting there. i'm too old. good night lady bunny!

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