Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.09.09: number (n)ine

victor's fitting to al's number (n)ine party.

"who are these people and why are they at my house? it's our nap time byotch!"

mama brian on her knees? i always get to preview my sisters' collections... wait 'til this saturday for victor's show!

mama brian taking polaroid? wait, is milan sniffing luke's butt? and it looks like victor's getting her hair done.

byrdie always looking chic!

who's that foxy lady with byrdie? ha, it's al! no, not that al from "married with children." we go way back to some random party or a dive bar...can't remember but we had a good time! that i remember.

"don't eat me al! i'm high in cholesterol and spam!"

oh henry! no not that "oh henry" bar but cutey pie henry! p.s. he's not wearing his mom's clothes!

let me tell you, i ate the whole plate. it was like crack delicious!

"are you eating all the oysters and food again? can't invite you anywhere!"

marry me! marry me! marry me! marry me!

these kids were rocking some music!

"it's 10pm. do you know where your children are?"

"holler 'til you pass out!"

who is that foxy japanese tourist? oh, that's stephen. you go girl! "holler 'til you pass out!"

this sums up a fantastic party at number (n)ine to kick off fashion week! oh becka! al!!!

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